Something like a bio.....

I get sometimes asked by people "with whom did you play...?" and often some names jump to my mind, but I can't remember the this is the ultimative list of the first (and last..) 100 musicians I can remember. And I will not add anyone else...even if I forgot Beethoven or Lester Parker...(: But I will tell you how it actually started; First "gig" I played for a "no nukes"- campaign theatre. I had my drumset for about a week and was able to play one beat; boom-boom-tak, boom-boom,tak...a guy heard me play and hired me one the spot to replace a drummer . The man was Hispanic and I thought " cool a Salsa Band..." It turned out to be a Elvis Presley imitator and to say it frankly, I wasn't really familiar with the "King of Rock n'Roll". I didn't know one of the tunes I played  this evening...and from then it went on   from Elvis to Discofunk, from Be-Bop to Blues...and mostly I didn't know what I was playing...but honestly, who cares as long as you get payed for it...?

The Dirty Hundred

Michael Arbenz, Florian Abt, Pascal Auberson, Antoine Auberson, Giorgos Antoniou, Sonia Alvarez, Anyzette,Claudio Bergamin, Michael Beck, Kelvin Bullen, Broomduster Bluesband, Matt Baldinger Daniel Blanc, Dario Bianchin, Walter Booker, Markus Brodbeck, Ueli Bernays, Checkin' Blue, Peter Clark, JuniorCook, Michael Chylewski, Rhonda Dorsey, Roman Dylag, Dan Drexler, Peter Eigenmann, Paul Engle, Tibor Elekes, Randy Eckert, Fabian Emmenegger , Muneer Abdul Fatah, Andy Friedberg, Wilder Ferguson, Olivier Friedli, Daniel Fricker, Fernando Fontanilles, Denis Flaig, Cleav E. Guyton Jr., Thomi Geiger, Vanna Gierig,Ohle Gagneux, Sébastien Gagneux, Cédric Gschwind, Reimund Gerstner, Andrew Goegan, Christian Gutfleisch, Halcyon, Lukas Heuss, Sharon Harris, Stefan Hugye, Stefan Huber, Michael Jeup, Walter Jauslin, David Klein, Holger Kyas, Steve Kaiser, Peti Klein Frieder Lang, Oleg Lips, Domenic Landolf, Martin Müller, Thomas Moeckel, René Meyer, Claus Milbitz, Lee Marvin, Delfeyao Marsalis, Domenico Masi, Lester Menezes, Lukas Nüesch, Bob Pawlo, Dave Peterson, Anthony Peterson, Present Tense, Nicolas Poirot, Joel Reiff, Beat Riggenbach, Nikki Reiser, Lars Rüetschi, Carlo Schoeb, Robi Schweizer, Dominik Schürmann, Clarence C Sharpe, Etienne Stadwijk, Nicky Siano, Vida Simon, David Schönhaus, Sascha Schönhaus, Rolf Strub, Olivier Truan, Eric Theiler, Lou De Vez, Raymond Valli, Mario Varela, Joel Vandrogenbroeck, Tom Venturini, Peter Wagner, Klaus Widmer, Danny Walsh, Elizabeth Walker, Urs Wiesner, Coco Zhao